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40 miles to milk a goat

What kind of crazy person would drive 20 miles (10 each way) twice a day for a week to milk a single goat? My kind of crazy I guess, because that's just what I'm going to do. My friend Christine is going to New York for a week and asked for a little help with her critters while she's gone. So yeah, I'm helping a friend, but I'm also just having a bit of fun. I thoroughly enjoy Christine's goats, and am happy to have any excuse to hang out with them when I can.

I was hoping that more than one goat would require milking, but right now it's just the one from her small herd. Cali, short for Calliope, is the doe in question. That's her below, the one I've got my hand on.

Cali and some of her posse.

She's a sweetheart. There are sure to be some goat cheese and yogurt blog posts in the coming days.

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