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Storm damage equals early harvesting

We had a thunderstorm last night, apparently with winds that approached 60mph at times. I love thunderstorms, but this one reeked havoc on the garden, pretty well leveling almost everything and breaking several plants.

I plucked eggplant from plants that had been broken off at the ground, picked sunberries from a bush that was toppled over in its bed, harvested swiss chard that the wind had tangled with turnip greens and pulled a bucket of lettuce that was flattened like it had been ironed. As it was too much for us to store and eat in a timely manner, I gave my parents' half of the booty.

Fortunately no large tree limbs came down, which was the case with many other folks, and the tomatoes took what looks to be only minor damage. Time to clean out the beds to replant and reseed.

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