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Seeding greens into elevated garden beds

I haven't quite nailed down how to place and format videos onto the blog page so that they also get added to the video page. I'll have to figure that out as we'll be adding more videos to the site this year, the higher production quality Creative Sustenance videos that Josh and I produce together, and simpler, less visually impressive videos that I do myself.

I certainly don't have the skills or equipment to do the kind of film work that Josh does. He's a true artist with video. I'm just a guy with a Flip video or cheap Kodak camera. Also, our schedules and locales are such that it's not always easy for both of us to get together to shoot on the spur of the moment.

But I do have some things I'd like to share via video that are perhaps a little more off-the-cuff and low-brow than our official Creative Sustenance video projects. This little video on seeding greens into an elevated garden bed is that sort of thing. Someone asked me about the elevated beds we have in the yard and I thought rather than making a written blog entry about it, it might be fun and more effective to actually show what we do.

These kinds of rough video tutorials and varied subject matter videos will also lack the structure, format and time parameters that the Creative Sustenance videos have. Maybe I should call them Creative Sustenance Home Videos or something like that (how about CS Low Brow Videos?). In any event, here's our latest blog entry, in my own simple video format. (If nothing else, the quality of this video indicates, by comparison, just how brilliant Josh is at his job...hop over to the video page and take a look at our Milkweed episode again.)

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