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Spring is here, right?

I've been waiting, waiting, waiting for spring to show it's face for more than the quick, furtive glances it's been teasing us with lately. I think it's finally here to stay. The coming days promise temperatures in the 40s and the snow seems to be melting at a fairly steady rate (still don't see the grass beneath, but it's getting close!).

This is always a fun and enjoyably anxious time of year. Spring's wild edibles will soon be appearing, a little here, a little there, hinting at the mass invasion to come. And the roots that have always been available, though buried beneath several feet of snow, will be accessible too. 

I've got a lot of dishes and recipes to share with you that make great use of spring's wild edible harvest, some that are very simple, some that are more involved, all that are delicious. I'm excited.

Maple blossom. These tasty and stunning little flowers were out in force on March 25 of last year. 

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