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Pilot episode complete

The first episode in what will become a series of foraging and cooking videos is finished. Film-maker Josh Kufahl and I are producing the series, "Creative Sustenance". which will highlight wild edibles in Wisconsin. The basic format of each episode will spotlight at least one specific wild edible, with discussion on how to identify the plants, followed by an "in the kitchen" segment where we'll show some ways to prepare our finds at home.

There are a few things that we hope set this series apart from other food and cooking videos, most notably the unique subject matter, but also the high quality production of the video itself. Josh is the owner of his own film production company and he's got mad skills with a camera and a talent for making things look amazing. I'll have his biography up here on the site very soon, so you can read more about his work and travels around the globe. As I write this he is packing to go on location in New Zealand (I of course was thinking that a few episodes in New Zealand, that require my presence, might have been appropriate...all in service to the show, of course). I'm the host of the series. I've got the foraging and woodsman skills, as well as the culinary experience to carry my end of the production. 

I'm stoked to say that we've also enlisted the musical talents of our friends John Statz along with Ryan & Jesse Dermody of The Brothers Burn Mountain. John is writing our opening music and BBM have given us permission to use their songs in the production. 

We start things off with this episode as we take a cursory look at the milkweed plant, with a couple of really simple recipes that hardly even require any cooking. 

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