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Culinary and other adventures in foraging, gardening, urban farming and more, in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

New Blogsite

Welcome to the new Creative Sustenance blogsite, which will function as the online headquarters for Creative Sustenance projects, events and information. 

Most of the site's activity will take place on the blog page, which may end up becoming the Home page; at this early stage of construction we're not entirely certain what organizational format may be best.

I've imported most of the foraging, gardening and foodie related posts from the older Stumpjack/Creative Sustenance blogsite ( to this site (that is, all of the posts older than this one). They're relevant to what Creative Sustenance is about and provide some continuity from where we started to where we are now and where we're headed. The older site will remain active, with all of the previous Stumpjack Coffee posts remaining available. That site may also continue to evolve as well.

There are a few pages still in construction (Video, About, Links, Calendar) and those should be up in the coming week. Let us know what you'd be interested in seeing. We'd probably like to see it too.

Every blog post should have at least one image attached to it. This is a pic of a bucket of grapes I got from a friend last fall that I had in the freezer until now. They're about to be mashed, sugared, yeast added and allowed to ferment for a week before the first racking. Doesn't have much to do with this specific blog just looks cool.

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